there are many advantages to using bandcrew

  • Why would I want to hire BandCrew?

    BandCrew employees are covered under our commercial insurance policy. This means they can drive vehicles (such as vans) for your production, and while operating those vehicles they have both auto liability and collision coverage. So if you are renting vehicles you do not need to purchase additional insurance coverage or waivers. BandCrew employees also have worker's compensation, personal liability coverage, and other coverages as required by law.

  • What are the advantages of using BandCrew?

    Securing commercial grade insurance with auto liability for a music tour can be an expensive proposition. And because most commercial grade insurance policies have a minimum premium (the amount you pay to purchase the policy), you can wind up spending thousands of dollars for a year's worth of coverage even though the planned tour might only be for a week or two. Using a BandCrew employee gives you access to the liability coverage you need, and you only pay for the time you need it. This can result in substantial savings in money, not to mention the time and effort of negotiating and setting up a policy.

  • I am a tour professional, why would I want to work with BandCrew?

    Many tour professionals drive vehicles assuming that their personal auto liability coverage will provide coverage if they are in an accident. This is a mistake and can have very serious consequences. A personal auto liability insurance policy does not extend coverage to your commercial business, and when you are driving a vehicle for a band you are engaged incommercial business. As a result, if there is an accident, your insurance carrier will decline coverage. This can leave not only you, but also the band you are working with exposed to substantial losses if you are later found to be liable in the accident. Working with BandCrew gives you access to commercial grade auto liability coverage without having to spend thousands of dollars purchasing an annual premium for general liability, worker's comp, and auto collision and liability. In addition BandCrew plans to offer a group healthcare plan in the future. Gaining access to a group health plan can result in significant savings on health insurance.